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   This article from Venezuelan comrade Luis Alberto Toro Ojeda @latojeda describes one of the challenges the Bolivarian revolution faces in this new stage of war waged by the international bourgeoisie and Imperialism against Venezuela.

Text by Luis Alberto Toro Ojeda | Wednesday, 03/09/2014 02:38 PM | Spanish version available at

   It is vital to bear in mind that the economic war waged by the international bourgeoisie and Imperialism against Venezuela has a high ideological component that permeates into the depths of Venezuelan society in different ways and with different interpretations, and this calls for caution.

   Imagine an ordinary Venezuelan strolling the streets, and finds himself in a dreadful line to buy a product, just one of those called “basic commodities”, a label which already instills an ideological value of a “life-or-death” necessity in the population. And so, there is already a “need” carefully fabricated by advertising and by the Media manipulation of fear to scarcity, fear to never being able of consuming that product, etc.  All of which breeds a terrible anxiety in the population’s psyche… The whole scenario is set up so that we end up accepting at face value the bourgeois message and unintentionally become advocates, drivers or promoters of the biggest capitalist-smuggling mafias this country has ever seen, while esteeming ourselves all along very right, because we contribute to the well-being of our families. In the end we are only helping a mafia to destroy ourselves as a fair society, as well as our economy.

   It is why we find a significant portion of the population that has benefited as ever before from this Revolution, unconsciously acting as champions of Capitalism … “Don´t mess with my smuggler”, the old-times reactionaries could have said. Nowadays we don’t talk that candidly anymore, but we still think and feel like.  There are many who managed to make a little nest egg with speculation and now the devil knocks on our door to cannily convert us into all-out smugglers. Or plain profiteers (“raspa cupos”) through the dollar black-market mechanisms  and other perverse forms of capitalism in vogue; it is many who have fallen as useful idiots on these things…

   What should we think of a compatriot who has found “the solution” in informal deals, hawker jobs (“el rebusque”) and speculation? Don’t forget that motto, “maybe we do speculate, but we generate employment,” put forward by one of the most conspicuous capitalists in the country, now a fugitive from Venezuelan justice, but still funding and promoting economic conspiracies against us from the “mayamero” paradise. Well, he basically said nothing but a great truth: capitalism speculates under the pretext of “creating jobs”. In general, it is not that capitalism creates jobs per se, but that it is part of its working logic:  Capitalism needs labour –and cheap one, most of the time, in order to generate a surplus value that the capitalist system concentrates and expands in its areas of control and influence, in sectors that range from sports to drug trafficking, to basic-commodities smuggling, Venezuela´s present-day ailment.

   It is not the logic of capitalism to create jobs for social welfare, indeed not; it is a “necessity” in order to consolidate its system. Thus, Capitalism’s clash with a model proposing something different is inevitable.

   But the logic of capitalism is suited to adapt to “difficult situations”, including a Revolution, and to mutate into a different, hybrid appearance that may give the feeling of collective “welfare”, of “economic growth “… or, as Chávez said ¨ GDP growth… such a perverse measurement mechanism that converts a human catastrophe into an “economic incentive “. Accordingly, funeral undertakers’ sells represent “progress” in GDP-growth terms, no matter if they are due to a human disaster, or a war, etc. On the other hand, health attention to millions of citizens under the “Barrio adentro” program doesn’t deserve a “development” digit of GDP under capitalist measurements. In other words, “the social part” of society doesn’t matter in Capitalism.

   Surely we are witnessing the confrontation of two models here, and the paradox is that we still pay a fortune for the so-called rating agencies to tell us that we are making a mess. That from the capitalist perspective, of course: however, from a humanistic viewpoint our figures are breaking investment records, with more than 60% of the national budget invested in the social area, something never, ever seen in this country before. And yet, we are still under heavy shelling of the ideological message, that ponders “the correct figures are those of capitalism”.

   The current smuggling and hoarding problems in Venezuela have deep-rooted breeding ground, exacerbated now by so-many State subsidies to consumption products which have turned Venezuela into a paradise for purchasing cheap goods and services and sell them more expensively elsewhere. At the bottom this is nothing else but proof of the Revolution’s social success for it shows that Venezuelans can acquire cheap goods at low cost, yet it “benefits” also those sectors engaged in domestic smuggling and extraction contraband, eroding the values of our community.

President Maduro and the High Command of the Revolution have engaged in the battle to purge the economy of the parasitic component injected by the lumpen bourgeoisie. They have declared themselves committed to the advance of a productive economy in order to, among other things, break with a century-old rentier culture and move towards a self-sufficient economy with a dominant socialist component. They might as well choose in a near future to combine mechanisms that link different processes in the image of what Chávez called “cuttings”, helping to generate a new economic culture, while defeating the parasitic ideological burden promoted by the lumpen bourgeoisie and the big mainstream Media.

   This battle is being waged in Venezuela, just at the same time that we continue our vital work to consolidate a Party of the Revolution that contributes to this process in all that is natural to social organisation, political education, building up combat structures to guide the people and help them to present the ideological battle against the bourgeoisie attempts to lure and confuse them with the story of “capitalist prosperity,” by throwing crumbs to those dedicated to domestic and extractive smuggling.

   In conclusion, the Bolivarian revolution is confronting the bourgeoisie on all fronts, and the most decisive one, is the ideological. Bourgeois analysts and scholars know that the day the world realizes capitalism is a scam, it will collapse. And this is the reason why their despair reaches ridiculous levels, with all pro-bourgeois political actors supporting in hardly veiled manner, the smugglers, including the Venezuelan National Businessmen Association, “Fedecámaras”; Bourgeois media have also unleashed a full criminal campaign of lies to discredit Government’s use of new technology to combat smuggling; they have attempted to revive the riots (“guarimbas”) with little success and  they try to frighten people with rumours of the advent of “Castro-Chavista Communism” and the famous “rationing card”. It is unfortunate still that some compatriots believe these lies and begin to doubt.

   That’s why the consolidation of the Party, the “UBCHs” (“Bolívar-Chávez battle units”) and the masses is crucial. We’ve got to reach out to the people in this war, let’s not be deluded by fairy tales of wealth, let’s go onwards with the people, always with the people, and without fear of treading on some sensibilities.

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